Realized the lower left hand side is a few stitches too wide. It will be fine in the end, the wreath isn’t supposed to be a perfect circle, and I know how to work around in the next apple below and to the right the existing one. And if the current apple (which is off by a stitch) – if that still looks too wonky in the end I know how to fix it.

Just can’t figure out how I mucked it up so early in the process.

Work in Progress of cross stitch Christmas Wreath

I Cannot Live Without Books Pattern

Christmas is coming (I know, it’s August, but time moves quickly) and here’s a stocking stuffer for your favorite reader. Can be finished as a bookmark or put in a small frame.

It is FREE, but if you’d like to leave a tip, you can PayPal Me!

I Cannot Live Without Books Pattern (pdf) Includes a color-block pattern, symbol pattern, and thread list.

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