OK, maybe the tree ornament is cursed or something

Cut the aida. Threaded in a couple guide stitches. Got out the pattern, thread list, and box of thread from the wreath.

First color: Light green. Colors list in pattern: Light green, Medium green, Dark green.

Colors in my floss box: Medium green, Dark green.

Mind you, I do have some light green in my stash that should work. But, I guess the light green from the kit is either with the phantom aida, or I thought the light/medium were the same color in the wreath…

Apparently it’s dumb problem day

Was going to start on the companion piece to the wreath (a tree) since the Christmas donkey is on hold.

The wreath and tree came in a kit together. There was enough aida for both pieces. I distinctly remember cutting it in half.

I have no idea where that piece of aida is. I don’t know why it isn’t with the pattern. It’s not tucked in with another pattern or mixed in with other fabric for other projects. It’s not in the vicinity of where I sat down and cut it. It’s somewhere, I just can’t even fathom where.

The good news is that I have a roll of aida I can use, and when this cut piece turns up, I have other patterns I can use it on.

But, where the fuck did it go?


My memories of Walmart’s floss selection may have been a bit too rosy – not a grey thread in sight.

And I just don’t have it in me to trek all the way out to Joann fabrics today, so I’m on Joann’s website ordering ALL THE GREY FLOSSES. And a couple kits and bobbins and another thread box to get to free shipping, LOL.

Wish I’d realized I needed grey thread last week when they were doing their massive floss sale…

And this is why you start holiday projects VERY EARLY.

Next Up!

This adorable little piece that I am going to frame as an ornament. I got it from the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary. (Sadly, it’s out of stock at the moment.)

I’m stitching it with a specific donkey in mind who is white and grey, so I’ll be doing it on Fiddler’s cloth so the white pops more. Of course, I have no grey floss whatsoever, so it’s off to Walmart. On a Sunday. God help me. (They have a great selection of floss, which is one of those things I never would have imagined, but I’m grateful for it.)

Package with cross stitched donkey with Santa hat.

It should be a quick one, but I also don’t want to put it off cause it has to go in the mail, and well, the mail still sucks.


Realized the lower left hand side is a few stitches too wide. It will be fine in the end, the wreath isn’t supposed to be a perfect circle, and I know how to work around in the next apple below and to the right the existing one. And if the current apple (which is off by a stitch) – if that still looks too wonky in the end I know how to fix it.

Just can’t figure out how I mucked it up so early in the process.

Work in Progress of cross stitch Christmas Wreath